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Outdoor Toilets

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Outdoor Toilets

Outdoor learning has proved extremely popular and successful for our children and there are many benefits to be gained from it. 

We have some wonderful outdoor equipment and areas, and the Forest School in the orchard is a wonderful learning environment complete with outdoor classroom. We also are lucky enough to have a qualified Forest School teacher. 

We will continue to fundraise to improve all of our outdoor areas however staff have identified a need for outdoor toilets, and this will be our priority this year. 

It can take time to kit children for outdoors, having to come all the way back to use the toilets is time consuming and not in the best interests of our children, valuable time can be lost, and children can become unsettled. 

Our families are able to use our field out of school hours and it is now in regular use during weekends, evenings, and holidays, having outdoor toilet facilities would benefit our users when they can’t access school.

Outdoor toilets would be useful at all our outdoor events.

We have looked into various option for toilets and the most suitable is a container comprising of 2 differently sized toilets. The cost would be approximately £7000 plus installation which is considerably less than a solid building. 








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