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Class Dojo


What is Class Dojo?

It is an exciting way to share information with you about what your children are doing at school.

Photographs and short videos can be added by teachers to your child’s personal school story.  You will be able to share the story with your child when they arrive home from school. This story can only be seen by you, your child and the class team.



How do I get it?

The app is completely free to download to a smart phone and can also be accessed using a computer via www.classdojo.com

You can have the app on multiple devices so both parents/carers can access your child’s story and messages.

All you have to do to connect with your child’s class teacher is to download the ClassDojo App to your device and follow the instructions on the screen.



What do our Parents think?

  • Dojo is a great app and such an easy way of keeping in touch with teachers...
  • I love that I get sent pictures of daily activities…
  • ClassDojo is a great way to see what ‘T’ has been doing at school so we can chat about his day when he gets home. And it’s a really useful two way messaging system for parents and teachers. Simple yet brilliant!
  • I love the immediacy of ClassDojo. It allows a parent to see what has happened the same day in a multimedia format, with pictures and videos. The timeliness allows us to share and review the events with our son...
  • The ClassDojo app has been nothing but an amazing tool for me to keep myself fully informed with my daughter’s progress at school. Communication between my husband and I is not always the best - key dates and information get left out. This app enables me to communicate directly with the teachers and staff members rather than relying on my husband. I certainly feel I am much more involved with my daughter’s school life since having the app. I will definitely recommend it to parents who work long hours etc as it is an extremely useful tool to keep yourselves up to date, whenever and wherever!
  • Class dojo is brilliant for finding out about what ‘G’ has done in the day. ‘The pictures really help to prompt him to talk about what he has done as we very rarely get any information from him about school. It is also great for communicating with his teacher- from delivering important information to checking on a time or asking about a missing hat!
    It works better than the home school book as you can send or receive messages during the school day so after the bus has left or before he comes home. I also like to think of him seeing his pictures from his weekend on the whiteboard to help him talk and connect home and school together. It sends him the message that we are all working together to help him.

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